Ich will es gerne mit Euch teilen, diese unglaubliche Freundlichkeit und Hilfsbereitschaft. Klar, meine Freunde, voran die, die ich bereits persönlich kenne, legen sich mächtig ins Zeug aber auch die Freunde der Freunde und andere, die in selben Foren unterwegs sind bieten mir Möglichkeiten an ……. boah, einfach AMAZING!

Mal einige emails:

I’m the xxx and my other name is xxx,  I live in Panama City Beach Florida.  I see that your heading over this way in your travels.  I’ve been in this Sabmag group since the mid 1980s as I met up with them when I lived in Southern California.
Well hit me back and there’s always a spare room for you and hot shower! Welcome back to the states.
The xxx
aka xxx
Welcome home, Fred! We’re looking forward to seeing you!  Enjoy yourself, remember, this is YOUR ride, YOUR lifetime adventure. A lot of people want to see you, but don’t make your trip about schedules, make your trip about making lifetime memories and adventures and enjoying those adventures as they come. Xxx xxx has offered to be an emergency source of Magna parts if needed, so carry his telephone number with you. AAA insurance has a “Platinum” Road Service card that offers a 200 mile tow/transport for broken motorcycles. You may want to consider that. Also, don’t forget to purchase traveler’s medical insurance for your visit; we don’t have European styled medical care here.

Your friend,

Hello Fred,

   Bon Voyage,  My wife xxx and I are looking forward to seeing you once gain.  I shall be following your trip.
Ride Safe
Da wird meine Vorfreude noch gesteigert und ein wenig auch die Sorge, SCHAFFE ICH DAS IN DER „KURZEN“ ZEIT ?  😉
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